About Us
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About Us

Going from school to college is a challenge sometimes.
Bondfire will match you up with an experienced professional (mentor) based on your interests and goals. Mentors answer your questions and work with you to help you become your best self. They can answer questions about college programs, studying abroad, career paths, personal development questions, or anything else you want to ask about.


Applications for 2024 are now open! Apply here.

Our Core Values

As a team, we are passionate about the future of education for young Malaysians, and cognizant of how technology will play a role in that. Our core values guide us in the development of our programme and also our outlook on the future.


Every person is unique in their own way and we want everyone to know that there is value in being true to themselves.

Continuous Learning

Life is a journey of continuous learning; at home, in school, at work, and in the rest of our lives.


Regardless of where you were born or where you are in your life, we believe in being humble and paying it forward to benefit others.


Sometimes there is strength in numbers, and there is global network of Malaysians that we think everyone should be a part of.

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